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Gurupaduka’s – Silver

Silver Japa ring – Gold

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54 Rudraksha Mala – Silver

27 Rudraksha Mala - Gold

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Bhagavan Nityananda’s
Sacred Spiritual Pendant – Sahasrara - Silver

108 Rudraksha Mala – Gold

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Ashram Rudraksha Pendant – Silver with Chain

(Also available without chain)

Aum Heart Shape Pendant – Gold

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Mukteshwari - English Mukteshwari - English
These aphorisms reveal the rewards and challenges of sadhana as Swami Muktananda experienced them during his quest for liberation. In....
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OM NAMAH SHIVAYA-Yaman Kalyan Raga OM NAMAH SHIVAYA-Yaman Kalyan Raga
Sung by Hari Om Sharan Well-known Indian singer Hari Om Sharan recorded this joyful version of the Siddha Yoga mantra during a darshan wi....
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