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Gurupaduka’s – Silver

Silver Japa ring – Gold

(For Silver – Click Here)

54 Rudraksha Mala – Silver

27 Rudraksha Mala - Gold

(For Silver – Click Here)

Bhagavan Nityananda’s
Sacred Spiritual Pendant – Sahasrara - Silver

108 Rudraksha Mala – Gold

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Ashram Rudraksha Pendant – Silver with Chain

(Also available without chain)

Aum Heart Shape Pendant – Gold

(For Silver – Click Here)

Gurumayi GM559 Gurumayi GM559
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Siddha Yoga Dhyana ki Shakti Siddha Yoga Dhyana ki Shakti
The goal of Siddha Yoga meditation is to become established in the experience of the supreme Heart, your innermost Self, in all the activiti....
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