Puja Items

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Derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘puj’ which means ‘to worship’ and ‘honour’, puja is an indispensable part of every seeker’s daily practice. Offering puja is an act of unconditional love and devotion to the Self, to the Guru and it strengthens the Guru-disciple relationship every single time puja is offered. Traditionally, puja or worship in Indian traditions consists of unique rituals, mantra repetitions and meditation. While performing puja a seeker glorifies the greatness of the diety or the Guru and expresses his gratitude for the abundant blessings that are present in his life. Pujas are also offered in the form of Yajnas, a ritualistic fire ceremony performed with a unique purpose of manifesting abundance, good health, Mother Earth’s bounty and world peace. When performed with sincere dedication, pujas and rituals become a powerful means to help you connect with your inner Self and revel in the joy of the heart.

The use of unique puja items like kumkum incense sticks, and dhoop, among many other items are an integral part of basic puja rituals. These sacred puja items have a purifying effect on the environment the puja is done in, enhancing an over-all positive aura of that place.

  • Our widest range of incense sticks are available in 13 different fragrances: Sandalwood, Rose, Amber, Kesarchandan, Lotus, Mogra, Agarwood, Patchouli, Parijat, Cedarwood, Nepal Musk, Myrrh and Nagchampa.
  • We offer premium Blue Pearl dhoop that is made from 20 ayurvedic herbal and medicinal ingredients. Burning dhoop during pujas or havans purifies the surrounding and creates a tranquil ambience. Dhoop is also used during meditation and is believed to have healing properties. The Blue Pearl Dhoop can be also used in an electric diffuser.
  • We also offer Chitshakti natural kumkum which is another essential element applied on the forehead before meditating or participating in a puja. Our 100% natural KumKum is made from the seeds of the Bixa plant flowers and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Our exclusive puja product range consists of puja cloth & book covers made of high quality silk brocade which is made in Benares and woven from the finest silk and decorated with gold-thread medallions or butis.

Sacred items and statues of Indian deities are also a part of the puja accessories that we offer. We provide an extensive range of puja items online, so you can purchase all puja samagri easily from a single platform. We also ensure fast and safe delivery, bringing you genuine puja items right at your doorstep.