Chitshakti Electric Diffuser – Ceramic

Chitshakti Electric Diffuser – Ceramic


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Chitshakti Diffuser

Many old civilizations used oil diffusers to enjoy the fragrance of Aroma oils. Diffuser disperses aroma oil into the air and charge the space evenly with natural fragrances which enlightens the atmosphere. Chitshakti has bought electric diffusers which are durable easy to use and clean. They are great choice of gift for all occasions. Chitshakti’s electric diffuser are Indigenous and designed to withstand high temperature.

Chitshakti’s Electric Diffuser – Ceramic

Chitshakti has bought Ceramic electric diffuser which can be used at home, office or at any business place. Ceramic itself is a piece of art which is produced by shaping and baking clay until it gets hard. Any aroma oil of your choice can be used in the diffuser to fill your surrounding with majestic aroma giving pleasant experience to body and senses.

Chitshakti’s new electric diffuser has a copper circuit. Its body is made up of clay which is of high-grade material and polycarbonate material, being sturdy it won’t deform or melt in high temperature. Our Chitshakti Electric Diffuser can be used to diffuse Chitshakti Bhimseni Camphor and Chitshakti Blue Perl Dhoop.

Note- Be cautious while handling it when it is hot.

Keep away from children’s reach when it is in use.

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