Yoga & Meditation Buckwheat Cushion – Rectangular

Yoga & Meditation Buckwheat Cushion – Rectangular


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Buckwheat is a grain from far east of Asia and its hulls are naturally very soft and have a memory foam like characteristics when they are used as fillings for a cushion.


This rectangular shape cushion is made of natural material; hence it allows the air circulation and keeps the body cool. The filling of buckwheat hulls tends to take the shape of the body thus it helps to sit in an aligned and comfortable posture for longer duration.


This is a specially designed unique 3-in-1 cushion –


  1. Meditation Cushion: Designed to support a steady and comfortable posture for meditation practice.


  1. Yoga Cushion: Buckwheat hull Yoga cushion can be used for restorative Hatha Yoga poses such as – Vajrasana or Shavasana


  1. Daily utility cushion: Can be used for better & aligned sitting posture on chair, can be used as sleeping cushion (depending on personal choice and appropriateness)


This cushion has fillings of buckwheat hulls that form a natural cushion for a comfortable sitting posture. These buckwheat hull are filled in a soft white cotton sack and slid into a sturdy and esthetically beautiful aqua blue color cotton cover with a smooth zip. The cover is removable and washable.


Wash Care for cover: Hand wash separately in cold water. Do not bleach, warm iron if needed.


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