Crystals: Meaning, Uses and Types of Crystals

What Are Crystals: Meaning, Uses and Types of Crystals

Crystal comes from the ancient Greek word “Krustallos”, which means ice or crystal. There are different types of crystals available in varied colours, sizes and shapes. These can be used for meditative or decorative purposes at home or in the office. They have healing properties and can help clear negative energy while simultaneously magnifying the positive energy through their unique vibrational frequency. Crystals are extremely rare to find, and the best form of crystals are those that are available in their natural form. 1. [...]

Natural Aromatic Oils for Meditation and Mindfulnes

Top 9 Natural Aromatic Oils for Meditation and Mindfulness

Spiritual traditions all over the world consider meditation to be an essential practice. Meditation allows us to draw our senses inward, quieten the mind, reduce the clamouring of thoughts, to return to a place of balance, calm and harmony. This balanced and harmonious inner place is natural and available to us at all times. However, we tend to forget this in the busy course of our lives and find it harder and harder to return to that place of [...]

Common Things Used for Puja Worship and Prayer

Common Things Used for Puja, Worship and Prayer

For the spiritually inclined, worship and prayer are an indispensable part of their lives. It is a powerful means of glorifying the deity or the Guru and expressing gratitude for all the blessings we have received. When puja is performed with sincerity and devotion, it strengthens the connection with your inner Self. Puja fortifies and deepens the Guru-disciple relationship. In the Indian tradition, puja, worship or prayer typically includes meditation, repetitions of mantras, recitation of sacred texts, waving of [...]

What is a Mala and the Significance of 108 Beads

What is a Mala and the Significance of 108 Beads

In Sanskrit, the word mālā means garland, wreath, a string of beads, a row or line. In spiritual traditions across the world, mālās have been used to enhance focus and concentration during the practice of mantra Japa and meditation. Mantra japa is the practice of repeating a sacred name or word given by the Guru. In India, mālās are usually made of seeds from holy plants or trees like rudraksha, lotus or tulsi. Mālās are also made from crystal beads [...]

Jasmine and Rose Fragrances Benefits and Uses

Jasmine and Rose Fragrances: Abundant Benefits and Uses

The significance of flowers for puja or worship has been extolled in many ancient Indian texts. Puja is a central part of every seeker’s daily practice that integrates a variety of spiritual practices such as japa or mantra repetition and meditation. The ritual of puja begins with cleaning and adorning the altar with flowers, incense and lighting a candle or diya (a traditional Indian lamp). Fresh fragrant flowers are offered to the deity as a symbol of Mother Earth’s [...]


Power of Rudraksha: All You Need to Know About Rudraksha

The Rudraksha bead has immense significance in spiritual traditions across the world. They are traditionally used as mālā beads to support spiritual practices such as japa and meditation. Rudraksha beads are actually dried seeds of a large evergreen tree (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus) that grows in South East Asia like Nepal and Indonesia. The word Rudraksha is a compound of two Sanskrit words; rudra is another name for Lord Shiva and aksha means ‘eye’. The story goes that when Lord Shiva was meditating [...]

How to Choose, Use, and Cleanse the Mala Beads

How to Choose, Use, and Cleanse the Mala Beads

In our previous blog post, we spoke extensively about mala beads and the significance of 108 beads. As a spiritual tool, meditation mala beads are popularly used by individuals who are seeking to calm the mind, body, and spirit. However, choosing mala beads from the broad range of available options can be a lot of work. Likewise, beginners may not be aware of how to use mala beads the right way or the importance of cleaning their mala beads. [...]