Sacred Jewellery

Sacred Jewellery Online in India

Since time immemorial, sacred jewellery is worn or used by people as an outward symbol of manifestation that helps with inner spiritual awakening. Sacred spiritual jewellery is made from different metals, stones and gems. Each piece of sacred jewellery; be it pendants, bracelets, or japa mala provides numerous spiritual and healing benefits to the wearer.

Traditionally, japa mala - a string of 108 beads - was used for praying, chanting of mantras, and meditation. It is also used as personal adornment along with various other sacred jewellery that is intricately designed to include inspirational motifs and sacred symbols.

Wearing sacred jewellery such as spiritual rings, rudraksha jewellery, sacred pendants is also the easiest way to imbibe the natural energy and healing capabilities that are a part of these seeds, stones and crystals.

Spiritual Jewellery Collection

Our exquisite range of sacred spiritual jewellery collection includes various jewellery patterns that range from rudraksha mala to japa rings, amulets, pendants, bracelets and silver sacred rings, among others. Each piece of jewellery is unique and exclusively crafted from natural beads and stones and carry the energy that brings forth health, abundance, balance and serenity to body, mind and soul.

Our sacred jewellery is made from traditional seeds, silver, gold and semi-precious stones. Whether you need an OM pendant or Panchmukhi Rudraksha Japa Mala or Paduka, you can find it here. Featuring excellent workmanship, our selection of handpicked sacred jewellery include one-of-a-kind jewellery items that are not only great for personal use, but also make a fantastic gift choice.

Handcrafted Sacred Semi-Precious Stone and Rudraksha Jewellery

Our specially designed semi-precious stone jewellery collection is minimalistic and contemporary in its design. We offer sacred jewellery in various semi-precious beads including moonstone beads, azurite beads, amethyst beads, rose quartz beads, pearl, citrine beads, ruby onyx and crystal beads among others.

Our exquisite collection of rudraksha jewellery has various types of spiritual accessories, like rudraksha bracelets, rudraksha japa mala, rudraksha pendant crafted in auspicious silver and precious gold metal. We also offer rudraksha jewellery woven using authentic panchmukhi rudraksha beads and colourful threads and beautiful tassels that make classic neck mala, bracelet and pocket mala.

Ensuring fine quality finish and durability, our spiritual jewellery includes much more than japa mala, pendants, and sacred bracelets for everyday use. So, browse through our collection and for any further information, you are welcome to get in touch with us.