Puja Clothes & Covers

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Spiritual traditions of the world stress the importance of having a pristine and dedicated place in our homes to perform spiritual practices. These dedicated spaces for worship are decorated and adorned in many different ways across different cultures of the world.

In India, the space dedicated to worship and prayer is called puja. One of the essential items used in the puja is a piece of exquisitely woven and intricately embroidered cloth, which is referred to as a puja cloth. The puja cloth serves many purposes. The puja cloth:

  • Helps to designate or identify the area as sacred and special.
  • Adds elegance and beauty to the puja space.
  • Serves as a seat or asana for the deities in the puja. Statues or photos of gods and goddesses are placed on the puja cloth. Images of the Guru or the lineage of Gurus is also placed on the puja cloth.
  • Is also wrapped around the murti or statue of the deity, especially during festivals and celebrations.

The Siddha Yoga India Bookstore offers premium sacred cloths for puja made in Benares, India. Benares, also known as Varanasi and Kashi, is a holy city in India situated on the banks of the river Ganga. The city is famous for its brocade saris with intricate, ornate embroidery in gold and silver, especially on silk.

Our collection of puja cloths and covers are entirely handwoven, which means that no two pieces are exactly alike. Featuring beautiful traditional motifs in gold called butis (pronounced boo-ties), each and every piece in this collection is handwoven in fine silk and viscose. The borders of these silk puja cloths are finished with a delicate yet luxurious edging in gold thread. Our wide range of brocade puja clothes is available in many vibrant colors and designs as well as in different shapes and sizes. Our most popular puja cloth is the oval brocade puja cloth. Our collection also includes puja clothes that are round, rectangular, bow-shaped and eight-petalled.

Buy Spiritual Book Covers Online in India

At the Siddha Yoga India Bookstore, we also offer elegant covers for spiritual books, such as Shri Guru Gita, Swadhyaya Sudha, and other religious and spiritual books. These are made from strong, durable materials that help protect your sacred books from humidity, dust and water. An excellent accessory for storing and carrying spiritual books, they also prevent wear and tear. Available in bright colours, these spiritual book covers can be used to store other sacred items such as wooden prayer sticks or peacock feathers.

Our endeavor is to offer the best quality products to support and enhance your spiritual and meditation experience. You can explore our entire collection of support items for your spiritual practice here. The collection includes incense and dhoop, statues of Indian God and Goddesses, natural kumkum powder, meditation oils, meditation cushions and natural meditation asanas.