Crystals & Crystal Caves

Buy Natural Crystal Caves (Geodes) Online in India

Crystals are formed in the depths of Mother Earth as molten rock cools and solidifies. These gorgeous natural mineral formations have been used by many cultures for various purposes such as healing, protection and adornment. Each crystal has its own unique energy and vibration that help soothe the body, mind, and soul. Not only do they absorb and transmute negative energy, they amplify positive energy especially when their use is combined with clear intention.

Traditionally, crystals are used in sacred jewellery such as prayer beads, japa malas, pendants etc. Crystals are also placed on the altar/puja, near electronic equipment, on desks and spaces where energy needs to be cleared and magnified. Natural crystal caves or geodes are especially good for this specific purpose. Carefully carved and mined from the womb of Mother Earth, these beautiful crystal caves help us in our spiritual journey by connecting us with the energy of the universe.

The crystal caves available on the Siddha Yoga India Bookstore are extracted in their raw, natural form with minimal alteration or embellishment, retaining their powerful energy and unique vibrational frequency.

While choosing a crystal, always follow your inner guidance and intuition, as it will guide you to the one that is most suited and beneficial for you at this time. These natural geodes can be placed both at home and office.

Different Crystal Caves and Their Benefits

  • Citrine Crystal Caves: Natural Citrine stone is a potent crystal known to manifest abundance and prosperity. This vibrant yellow stone is associated with the sun. It cleanses and energizes an individual’s mind bringing clarity, stimulating creativity while dispelling and clearing negative energy. Citrine crystal geodes are available in various sizes to purchase online on the Siddha Yoga India Bookstore.
  • Quartz Crystal Caves: Clear Quartz crystal is a powerful magnifier of positive energy and promotes inner healing. It helps balance emotions and stimulates peace, love and joy. Our clear quartz crystal geodes were mined in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. Place these crystal caves in your meditation area to enhance and strengthen your meditation practice. Our exclusive collection of clear quartz crystals is available online in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Amethyst Crystal Caves: Also called the Enchanted Cave, amethyst creates a strong and vibrant bridge to your intuition. A meditative and calming crystal, amethyst enhances spiritual awareness. Amethyst geodes are purifying and protective, bringing peace, harmony and balance. Amethyst crystal caves are available online of clear quartz crystals is available online in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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