Shawls and Stoles

Buy the Finest Meditation Shawls Online in India

The spiritual practice of meditation is essential to finding inner stillness, peace and joy. As you begin to engage with the practice of meditation, it might be helpful to support your practice with woollen meditation asanas and meditation cushions. They offer support and comfort to keep the spine naturally and comfortably aligned.

Historically, meditation prayer shawls were used by both men and women to enhance their practice. Shawls made from natural fibre absorb and contain the energy that is generated during meditation. As you meditate with the same shawl every day, the energy gets strengthened, allowing for a deeper meditation experience. The ideal time for meditation is early in the morning, which is cooler than the day, making woollen meditation shawls an ideal option. They are also perfect to keep you warm during the cooler months of the year. When the weather is warm, you may choose to fold the shawl, place it on your asana/mat and meditate upon it.

The shawl used during your meditation practice holds sacred spiritual energy. To maintain the sanctity and sacredness of this energy, we recommend folding and storing the shawl in a space specially designated for it. You may choose to store the shawl along with your meditation asana/mat and cushion in a drawer or shelf near the altar or puja area. Since this energy is unique to you, we also recommend that only you use this shawl and not share it with others.

Multicolour Indian Shawls Online for Men and Women

Our ethnic meditation shawls for men and women are hand-woven. They feature exquisite Indian embroidery and are available in beautiful designs and varied colours. Shawls are wider than stoles, and are a great option for the cooler winter months. One of our most popular shawls is the Om Namah Shivaya shawl which has the mantra embroidered in English and Hindi. You can view our collection of genuine, 100% fine woollen shawls here.

Made from the perfect blend of fine yarns, our finely crafted woollen stoles for men and women are soft and luxurious to touch. Their narrower width makes them ideal to be worn as a wrap or scarf as well. We also have stoles in a blend of cotton and silk that are just right for the warmer months. These blended woollen and cotton-silk stoles come in a reversible weave, with beautiful ethnic patterns on both sides. The Soham stole comes in a variety of colours and is embroidered with the mantra in English and Hindi.

Exquisitely-Designed Pashmina Meditation Shawls

Our collection of authentic, soft and lightweight pashmina meditation shawls are made by skilled craftsmen, ensuring flawless quality and aesthetically pleasing designs. Known for their delicate texture and timeless beauty, pashmina shawls are also widely used for meditation practice. They are also considered an ideal choice to gift to your friends and family.

We are delighted to offer you shawls for every purpose; yoga, meditation and/or general everyday use. Our entire collection of woollen shawls and stoles for men & women in captivating colours and design can be found here.