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Meditation is a sacred spiritual practice which enables a seeker to connect with his Self. Meditation opens the doorway to your inner-world and enriches your body, mind and soul and therefore it is the primary practice on the Siddha Yoga path. A sincere and regular practice of meditation is known to restore inner harmony, promote emotional positivity and connects to the lasting happiness that lies within us.

As more and more people are awakening to the wonderful benefits of yoga and meditation, there is an increased demand for premium meditation products. If you are a beginner or a seasoned meditation practitioner, products like meditation asanas and meditation cushions are absolute essentials that help provide a comfortable and steady posture during meditation.

A woollen asana is a basic essential for any meditator. The holy scriptures of India mention the importance of using a woollen asana during meditation because wool unlike other materials prevents the dissipation of your spiritual energy generated through meditation. Meditating on a woollen asana retains your spiritual energy creating a reservoir of your inner shakti. Therefore it is recommended that a meditator should have his/her own asana which isn’t shared with anybody else.

The woollen asanas in the Siddha Yoga Bookstore is made of premium quality wool with zari and silk border with the option of cotton padding and serves as a perfect companion for meditation & yoga practice.

Our collection of meditation cushions include buckwheat rectangular cushions and crescent-shaped buckwheat cushions.

The buckwheat meditation/yoga cushion is filled with hulls of buckwheat and has a naturally soft base with memory foam like characteristics. When used for meditation or yoga, it helps you to maintain a steady posture and ensures that your body is naturally upright and comfortably aligned for long durations of meditation. 

Meditation Accessories, Products, and Other Items

We believe that the right meditation product is a great support to one’s meditation practice. These supporting yoga and meditation items are essential as they help you achieve a comfortable and easeful posture and this in turn helps you stay anchored in your intention and practice. Our collection of meditation products online are manufactured ecologically and sustainably. They are designed to provide a comfortable environment and are highly durable and long-lasting.

Apart from natural meditation cushions, our extensive collection of yoga and meditation accessories include hatha yoga belts, finely crafted shawls & stoles and eco-bags to store all your meditation support products.

We also offer crystal caves that are available in different sizes, shapes, and crystal types. The variety of crystals that we offer include citrine, clear quartz, and amethyst. These meditation accessories in the form of crystals can be placed, ideally, in your meditation practice room or any area of your home or office.

To maintain a single-pointed focus during meditation, you can also use malas or prayer beads and bracelets to practice mantra japa. These sacred japa malas are made of precious and semi-precious stones and are a very effective tool to centre your thoughts and concentrate on mantra repetition.

Our natural meditation fragrance oils are available in a variety of fragrances. They are highly potent oils which have been carefully crafted and combined with the finest ingredients to help you prepare for yoga or meditation practice. These meditation oils can also be used for relaxation – to simply calm the mind and the senses.