Natural Kumkum Powder

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Kumkum is a red powder that is traditionally used in India for worship and personal adornment. Considered a symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune, this vibrant vermilion powder forms a vital part of social and religious occasions in India. Used to sanctify and decorate idols, statues and photos of deities and spiritual masters, kumkum is a must-have in every Indian puja. Offering kumkum during puja or worship/prayer rituals is a way to express gratitude and reverence. Kumkum is also applied by women along the part of their hair to indicate that they are married.

The most common way to use kumkum is to apply it in the middle of the forehead, corresponding to the sixth chakra present in the human body. Chakras are vortices of energy that are formed at the confluence of subtle energy channels that flow through the human body. The sixth chakra, called the Ajna chakra, is also referred to as the third eye and is associated with inner wisdom and intuition. Applying it to the forehead before performing any spiritual practice is a physical reminder to honor the divinity within us. It is best to moisten the spot on the forehead with fragrant meditation oils before applying kumkum.

We offer pure, organic kumkum powder that is made from the seeds of the flowers of the Bixa Plant. Our range of natural kumkum for puja is laboratory tested and approved to ensure that it is free from harmful chemicals, dyes or any heavy metals. Being gentle on the skin and odor-free, you can safely use our Kumkum without worrying about it leaving a stain on the skin.

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