Sacred Items

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Sacred items are an important part of most Indian households. They are considered not only a symbol of God’s protection and blessings, but also bring peace and prosperity to your home. Sacred items alleviate your spiritual wellness and are also used for various rituals. Most spiritual items enhance a universal energy of love, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration. For instance, the iconic Lord Shiva’s Nataraj statue symbolizes the cosmic dance of creation and dissolution. It also represents enlightened beings and can aid individuals on their journey towards mastering emotions and understanding the True Self.

Different benefits are attributed to different types of spiritual items which include a vast range of products such as electric aroma oil diffuser, Chitshakti pure Bhimseni camphor, silver puja paduka, sacred carpet for prayer and meditation, wooden prayer sticks, among others.

Spiritual items are closely connected to one’s emotional health and can aid in cultivating a positive state of mind. They can be a tool that supports us in our spiritual growth, helping us develop an attitude of gratitude, acceptance, positivity, humility, and contentment.

Buy Spiritual Items Online in India

At the Siddha Yoga Bookstore, we offer premium spiritual products online that are skilfully crafted to support your every day spiritual experience.

For a seeker on the spiritual path, the most revered Guru Padukas are the primary focus of worship. The Guru Padukas are a mystical symbol of the Guru’s shakti and grace that uplifts & transforms us. To support your daily practice of Paduka worship, we offer three types of padukas - wooden paduka, silver puja paduka, and brass enamel paduka. These padukas can be placed in your puja alter for worship.

Likewise, our Chitshakti electric diffusers are available in two variants - ceramic and wooden diffusers. These can be used at home or in the office and can withstand high temperature and is easy to clean. It can be used to diffuse natural aroma oils, Chitshakti Bhimseni camphor, and Chitshakti Blue Pearl dhoop.

Apart from sacred items, we also offer incense sticks in different fragrances and other puja items that will help enhance the ambience of your home and soothe the mind and body. Our objective has always been to offer products that support and sustain spiritual growth, wellness and general well-being of our customers.

So, do look at the products that we offer and if you have a query, we’ll be happy to assist you.