Chitshakti Pure Bhimseni Camphor


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Chitshakti Pure Bhimseni Camphor:

  • In the spiritual tradition of India, camphor is burned as the final offering in a Puja to represent the merging of the worshiper with the one who is worshiped.
  • White color of camphor represents purity and capacity to purify. As camphor burns, it gives off light and its purifying fragrance becomes one with the atmosphere. In this way it represents divine union – the burning away of limited ego in the fire of devotion and becoming one with the divine.
  • Source – Siddha Yoga Path Website URL:
  • Chitshakti Pure Bhimseni Camphor is made from the pure resin of Pine tree found in the mountains. This high-grade camphor brings about well-being and dispels negativity.
  • Camphor purifies the air and inhaling that air has numerous medicinal benefits.


This pure camphor burns completely without sparking and does not leave behind any residue or ash.

Price: Rs 175.00 (Inclusive of 18% Tax)

Net Weight: 40 grams

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