Agarbattis/Incense & Dhoop

Buy Dhoop and Incense Sticks Online in India

Nature’s gift wrapped in the form of Incense sticks made from variety of flowers, herbs, resins, wood and natural oils. Their fragrance is majestic and give rise to the feelings of serenity and stillness.

The use of incense sticks and dhoop has been an integral part of ancient Indian culture and many other countries around world. Sacred vedic texts have recorded the use of incense or dhoop to help purify the air, the prana – the very life force or breath of an individual, and the mind, promoting spiritual benefits to a meditator or seeker.

At Siddha Yoga Bookstore, we offer you the widest range of incense/agarbatti sticks and Blue pearl dhoop online that are made from natural herbs and ingredients.

Incense Sticks and Dhoop Online Store: Various Purposes

  • Spiritual: Burning incense is a traditional custom of worship and prayer. The fragrance released is the outer manifestation of the inner fragrances that can be experienced during meditation. Pleasant fragrances create a space conducive to prayer and contemplative moods.
  • Medicinal: Ayurveda emphasises the importance of using incense for its healing and anti-septic properties mainly due to the medicinal herbs which promote overall well-being when inhaled.
  • Creativity: Some believe that certain scents have the power to stimulate creativity and open up the mind, while there also scents that lift the spirit.

Bhimseni Camphor and Incense Sticks For Meditation

We offer Chitshakti pure Bhimseni camphor that is the highest grade of natural Bhimseni Camphor made from the purest resins of pine trees, which are found in the mountains.

The fumes generated by Camphor enlighten the space around you, and triggers lightness that rejuvenates the body and mind. Chitshakti Pure Bhimseni Camphor can also be used in Chitshakti electric diffuser for long lasting fragrance and enhancing the flow of positive energy which elevates the surroundings at home or in the office.

At Siddha Yoga Bookstore in India, we provide handmade incense sticks online in a variety of fragrances that can be used for all occasions. Our premium incense sticks can be used for holy events, rituals, yagnas, ceremonies, etc. They are hand-rolled using traditional methods and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

  • Our amazing collection of incense sticks are available in 15+ different fragrances and made with the purest oils, aromatic roots and herbs.
  • Their pleasant fragrance will help purify your environs and are safe to use indoor as well as outdoors.
  • As a part of our fragrances collection,the other products that we offer include premium soy aroma candles, meditation oils, and aroma sprays.

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