Premium Incense/Agarbatti Sticks – Saffron Oudh

Premium Incense/Agarbatti Sticks – Saffron Oudh


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Nature’s gift wrapped in the form of Incense sticks made from variety of flowers, herbs, resins, wood and natural oils. Their fragrance is majestic and gives rise to the feelings of serenity and stillness.

Saffron Oudh

Saffron is subtle and fragrant spice also called as ‘Red Gold’. The main source of saffron is the aromatic corcus flower found in the Central Asia, it signifies wealth and prosperity. It has flowery and earthy aroma making it royal and magnificent.

Premium resin obtained from Agarwood is called Oudh. It has woody and sweet aroma, which brings positivity in the surroundings by uplifting the energies around. Oudh is used for centuries as its aroma is very intriguing.

When Saffron and Oudh are blended together, make a luxurious aroma.  Their melded aroma helps in purifying atmosphere and aids relaxation.

They can be used indoors or outdoors.

20 hand rolled pure incense sticks (agarbattis) in eco-friendly packaging.

Incense length – 8 inches.

6 Sublime fragrance variants of Premium Incense: