Premium Incense/Agarbatti Sticks – Camphor

Premium Incense/Agarbatti Sticks – Camphor


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Nature’s gift wrapped in the form of Incense sticks made from variety of flowers, herbs, resins, wood and natural oils. Their fragrance is majestic and gives rise to the feelings of serenity and stillness.


It has a very refreshing aroma that purifies the surroundings.

Using camphor brings about well-being and dispels negativity. Camphor purifies the air and inhaling air suffused with camphor has numerous medicinal benefits.

These hand-rolled premium Camphor incenses are made from high grade camphor and natural ingredients|
20 hand rolled pure incense sticks (agarbattis) in eco-friendly packaging.

Incense length – 8 inches.

6 Sublime fragrance variants of Premium Incense:

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