Premium Incenses/Agarbatti’s (Set of all 5 Incenses)

Premium Incenses/Agarbatti’s (Set of all 5 Incenses)


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Nature’s gift wrapped in the form of Incense sticks made from variety of flowers, herbs, resins, wood and natural oils. Their fragrance is majestic and gives rise to the feelings of serenity and stillness.

These are the set of 5 Premium Incenses.

They can be used during any time of the day, always spreading their empyrean fragrance around the space where they are lit, creating an atmosphere of equanimity.

These sticks are safe to use indoors and outdoors.

20 hand rolled pure incense sticks (agarbattis) in eco-friendly packaging.
Incense length – 8 inches.

5 Sublime fragrance variants of Premium Incense:

Saffron Oudh
White Sage


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