Premium Candles (Set of all 5 Candles)

Premium Candles (Set of all 5 Candles)


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Premium Candles (Set of all 5 Candles)

These are made from pure soy wax, fragrance and pure essential oils that create a calming and serene ambiance.

These candles are completely non-toxic, made of natural soy wax extracted from vegetables.

They burn longer (25% to 50%) than ordinary wax candles.

These premium candles are natural (paraffin free), that means they don’t emit harmful vapors.

Light them up during worship or prayers or simply light one in any corner or place to express and experience the joy of any occasion.

Let the tranquil and subtle fragrances permeate your inner and outer world to sooth your mind, body and heart.

Delight and savor distinct aroma of every candle available in 5 sublime fragrances:

Oudh Cardamom
Lavender & Mint