What Are Crystals: Meaning, Uses and Types of Crystals

Crystals: Meaning, Uses and Types of Crystals

What Are Crystals: Meaning, Uses and Types of Crystals

Crystal comes from the ancient Greek word “Krustallos”, which means ice or crystal. There are different types of crystals available in varied colours, sizes and shapes. These can be used for meditative or decorative purposes at home or in the office. They have healing properties and can help clear negative energy while simultaneously magnifying the positive energy through their unique vibrational frequency. Crystals are extremely rare to find, and the best form of crystals are those that are available in their natural form.

1. What are Crystals?

Crystals are naturally-formed healing stones that take thousands of years to sediment and form a particular shape or colour. They are used for various purposes like health, wealth, emotional well-being, decoration or soothing the body, soul, and mind. They are formed deep down in the earth with atoms and molecules. Each crystal has its own characteristics, and the formation of a crystal depends on the material it is made of.

For example, some salt crystals are cube-shaped or diamond and ruby-shaped. These are used for healing, protection and adornment. Crystals also have energy flowing through them.

Just like yoga connects our body, mind and soul, the power of crystals can direct the energy toward the greater health of humans. Each crystal has a distinctive vibrational frequency. These frequencies help clear the blocked chakras and allow humans to attain higher spiritual bliss.

2. How are Crystals Formed?

The formation of crystals is very similar to the salt formed with the seawater in the salt pans. When the water evaporates, the mixture of the minerals hardens to form salt crystals.

  • Likewise, when the magma of the volcano starts to cool down, the liquid molecules come closer and form a close bond. Once the water evaporates, the liquid magma hardens to form different crystals.
  • This magma can be shiny, sparkling, soft, silky or hard, depending on the area of the magma and the content of the earth in that part.
  • The magma settles in a grid pattern in a repetitive manner to form a certain shape.

3. Different Types of Crystals and Their Benefits

A. Amethyst: The amethyst crystal is a highly spiritual stone. It is said to open a human’s third eye and connect people to their inner Divine self.

  • It enhances mental clarity and promotes emotional well-being.
  • It balances the energy to promote good dreams and flawless skin.
  • It strengthens bones, joints, and the respiratory system.

Amethyst crystals are purple-coloured crystals, which are associated with healing, spirituality, and intuition.

B. Clear quartz: The clear quartz crystal symbolises clarity of thoughts. It is a perfect crystal for a beginner spiritual seeker. It is associated with absolute clarity, inspiration and new beginnings. A white clear crystal can also be used to clean other crystals.

C. Rose quartz: Rose quartz is the healing crystal/stone of unconditional love and corresponds to the heart. It is believed that rose quartz heals, opens up the heart chakra, and helps us forgive people and ourselves. It can be used to rediscover love in any relationship. It will also help nurture and support self-love.

D. Citrine: Citrine crystal represents light, happiness, and Divine. It spreads positive vibes and encourages a person to remain positive in the most challenging situations in life. Citirne helps go deeper into meditation and said to bring success and abundance.

  • It helps a person maintain a positive mindset and practice gratitude
  • It helps boost concentration, sharpen memory, and discover creativity
  • It channelizes the digestive system by helping relieve symptoms of stomach and kidney ailments
  • It can also help people with anger issues, anxiety and fear of rejection.

E. Apophyllite: Apophyllite crystals are usually white, but due to different minerals found in the soil, they can be found in pink, yellow, green and blue shades. They have a rich pearl-like transparent or translucent lustre. This crystal helps in clearing negative thoughts and calming the mind.

4. How to choose crystals?

With so much information available, you now know which crystals are available. But how do you decide which crystal is best for you? Or which crystal do you need?

  • Immediate Connection: The best way to choose your crystal is to trust your intuition. Look at the stone, and if you feel any connection with that stone, then that is the stone you need. Sometimes just looking at the picture or hearing the name can pull you towards that crystal.
  • Sun sign: Select the crystal according to your sun sign. Each sun sign has different characteristics. For example, the Aries sun sign needs bloodstone, green jasper or citrine crystal. Gemini sun sign might need howlite, agate, celestite, and dalmatian stone. Each sun sign has different strengths and weaknesses. These natural crystal stones will help to balance the energy and bring harmony to the body, mind and soul. All twelve sun signs need a different crystal to balance their energy and seek positivity.

5. How to use your crystal?

  • Whenever in need, hold the crystal for reassurance and positivity
  • Include the crystals in your daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Tuck the crystal in your clothes for all-day support
  • Carry it in your purse or wallet
  • Use it as a home décor piece in corners of your homes or shelves or cabinets
  • Place a few crystals into the bottom of your pillowcase
  • Place them near the garden area or plants
  • Wear it as jewellery in a pendant, ring or bracelet

6. How to cleanse and care for your crystal?

  • Submerge the crystal in salt water collected in a glass bowl or wash it in rainwater
  • Keep them exposed to sun or moonlight every few weeks to recharge the positive energy
  • Smudge the crystals with incense sticks or candles by waving the smouldering smoke back and forth over the crystals
  • Place the crystal near the singing bowl, lightly strike the bowl thrice, and glide the mallet around the bowl repeatedly.

Clean the crystal as soon as you get it home. In difficult times, it is advised to cleanse your crystals to remove any negative energy. Ideally, clean your crystals once a month to keep the positive energy pouring in.

To conclude,

Believing in a crystal is very important for it to work for you. If you are not sure about yourself, then the crystal won’t work the way it should. At Siddha Yoga Bookstore India, we offer a vast range of crystal caves, which you can select as per your requirement and with good intentions. These crystals will clean your aura, balance your energy and harmonise your body, mind and soul.

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