Rose Quartz – Crystal Fortune Tree

Rose Quartz – Crystal Fortune Tree


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Elevate your space with the enchanting allure of Crystal Fortune Tree.
Crystals are used as tools for setting intentions and manifesting
prayers. They are thought to amplify one’s Intentions and assist in bringing goals and dreams to fruition.

This exquisite handcrafted sculpture blends nature’s beauty with a Touch of elegance. Each free features meticulously placed crystals that catch and reflect light, casting a. mesmerising sparkle.

Perfect for your abode, this unique piece permeates positive energy and a sense of calm, serenity and tranquility.


Hold the tree gently and simply start to spread its branches as per your creativity and pulse.
Your crystal tree has branches with attached crystals, gently twist, bend and adjust each branch to the desired position to give it a fuller, wider and more appealing display

As you engage in this process, the healing touch of the crystal chips fill your being with the soothing and calming vibrations.

Place your crystal tree in your preferred location for display, be in your work desk, study table, center table or your favourite corner of your abode.


  • Ensure it’s secure to prevent toppling.
  • Remember to handle the crystals and branches with care to avoid damage.
  • You can wash it under a cold running water for 2 mins and then dry.
  • For energy recharge you can place it in moonlight or sunlight for some time.