Blue Pearl Dhoop Kit


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Blue Pearl Dhoop Kit

Chitshakti’s Blue Pearl Dhoop is the finest in our fragrance line of products. It turns your space into a welcoming and comforting atmosphere. It is made of 20 ayurvedic herbal and medicinal ingredients. Which gives the best mesmerizing scent. Burning Dhoop is an age-old tradition followed in many cultures around the world.

We have curated Lotus shape Brass Dhoop Burner which signifies purity, enlightenment, divinity and along with it is a beautiful Brass Coaster to carry the burning dhoop from one place to another place.  Our Blue Pearl Dhoop when lit, spreads its white gentle smoke creating a unique, placid and mesmerizing scent. It also helps create a feeling of leisure and peacefulness.

Our Charcoal tablet use to lit the Dhoop is Eco-friendly. When lit the charcoal tablet gets red hot, in a minute or two this is the time to sprinkle Chitshakti Blue Pearl Dhoop. Once sprinkled on the red-hot charcoal the Dhoop starts to burn and begins to infuse the surroundings with its enriching aroma.

The Blue Pearl Dhoop comes in a special zipper pack which retains its quality and fragrance for a long time.