Buy Champa Fragrance Aroma Spray Online in India

Aroma Spray Champa Fragrance

Buy Champa Fragrance Aroma Spray Online in India


    • Champa, also known as Son Chafa, are a powerful fragrant blossoms of the Magnolia family. It is a golden yellow flower found in Southeast Asia.


    • Made from a blend of golden Champa flowers and pristine Himalayan water, this aroma Champa spray is completely free from chemicals, gases and aerosols.


    • The aromatic scent of the Champa aroma spray from Siddha Yoga Bookstore, India, can also be used to boost concentration levels while meditating or studying. Its fresh, balmy and long-lasting fragrance enriches your surroundings and space, turning them into an aroma oasis.


  • The calming floral scent of the aroma Champa spray can be used as a natural room freshener as it helps relax the body & mind, and uplift the mood. Thus, it is used as a stress-reliever to ease the visual signs of stress.
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  • Description


About this item:

    • Scent: Extracted from Champa (Golden Champa), pure absolute


    • Ingredients: Golden Champa Flower and pristine Himalayan water


    • Brand: Chitshakti Trust


    • Item Form: Spray (Water Based)


  • Ideal For: Puja Room, Offices, Car, Traveling etc.

Directions of Use:

    • Unlock safety stopper to release the trigger.


    • Spray in a room 3-5 times with nozzle pointed upwards in the air.


    • Repeat once in a day.


  • Promotes calm and soothing environment.

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