Aroma Spray Champa Fragrance – 100ml

Aroma Spray Champa Fragrance

Aroma Spray Champa Fragrance – 100ml


  • Made of natural extracts and aromatic oils, it gives you a subtle yet fresh fragrance
  • 100% Herbal room freshener with zero chemicals
  • This herbal room freshener comes in 100 ml bottle which lasts for a month
  • Comes in 4 fragrances to calm and purify your mind & ambiance: Mogra, Rose, Champa and Tuberose.
  • Description


About this item:

  • Scent: Extracted from Champa (Golden Champa), Water Based Solution
  • Ingredients: Golden Champa Flower and pristine Himalayan water
  • Brand: Chitshakti Trust
  • Item Form: Spray (Water Based)
  • Ideal For: Puja Room, Offices, Car, Traveling etc.

Directions of Use:

  • Unlock safety stopper to release the trigger.
  • Spray in a room 3-5 times with nozzle pointed upwards in the air.
  • Repeat once in a day.
  • Promotes calm and soothing environment.

Product Description:

Champa also known as Son Chafa, is golden yellow flower found in Southeast Asia.

It has a rich fragrance which turns your surroundings and space into an aroma oasis.

The fragrance of Champa has enriching aroma giving soothing effect to your senses like never before.

These Golden Champa flowers and Pristine Himalayan water when blended together gives a best natural Champa aroma spray which is free from chemicals, gases and aerosol.

Available in 4 fragrances:

Mogra | Rose | Champa | Tuberose




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