Meditation Oil Regular Heena Fragrance – 5ml

Meditation Oil Regular Heena Fragrance – 5ml


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Pure Aroma Heena Oil

Heena trees are found in Asia, they are one of the oldest trees which are used by mankind for beautifying themselves.

Both flowers and leaves are used in cosmetic and fragrance industries.

Heena is widely used in summers and hot desert places as it is one of the best natural cooling agents.

Chitshakti’s Pure Aroma Heena Oil is extracted from flowers of heena trees grown in India.

Heena aroma oil has earthy, sweet woody fragrance.

When used, heena aroma oil produces remarkable calming effect on nerves and stimulates the energy flow.

It can be used in diffuser. Application to pulse point gives mesmerizing effect to mind and body.

It can also be used as body perfume.

Chitshakti’s heena aroma oil is pure and free from chemicals.

It has permanent shelf life and its aroma gets better with time.