Sweet Surprise 2020 – Hindi

Sweet Surprise 2020 – Hindi


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Start Date: Sunday, 5th January, 2020

End Date: Monday, 30th November, 2020

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A Sweet Surprise is a Global Siddha Yoga Satsang that was on New Year’s Day. In Sweet Surprise 2020, participants received Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s Message for the year.

The Satsang will be held in Siddha Yoga Ashrams, meditation centres, and participating chanting and meditation groups as well as on the Siddha Yoga path website.

1. “Adult” means individuals above the age of 24 Yrs

2. “Family and Seniors” means:

  • 2 or more adults in a Family e.g.

– Husband and wife
– Mother and/or father and children over the age of 24

  • Any senior aged 60 or over (whether or not they live with their son/daughter/grandchildren)

3. “Young adult” means Individuals up to the age of 24 Yrs

4. No registration is required for children of age 12 years and below.