Meditation Oil Kedar Mix Fragrance – 5ml

Meditation Oil Kedar Mix Fragrance – 5ml


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Pure Aroma Kedar Oil

We at Chitshakti have blended marvellous fragrance of Indian Khus, Kewra, Kadamb and Sandalwood to form Kedar Pure Aroma Oil. This Aroma Oil has intriguing fragrance that helps in relaxing all the senses.

Khus is a type of grass known for its cooling properties, which has earthy, smoky and musky aroma that helps in reviving tired body, soothing nerves and promoting good sleep.

Kewra oil extracted from the flower of kewra has sweet floral and refreshing fragrance which resembles to rose. This oil gives peace of mind and transforms the space into exotic one.

Kadamb is India’s sacred and mystical tree which has woody floral fragrance. Kadamb flower blooms in between 3am to 6am giving the most aromatic fragrance which has soothing effects.

Sandalwood is one of the most valuable trees in the world. It has woody class is fragrance that symbolize elegance and purity. It keeps mind calm and attentive.

Chitshakti’s Kedar Pure Aroma Oil can be used in diffuser, applied on pulse point or used as perfume. This oil can be used in all weathers giving a serene experience and uplifting the atmosphere. This oil is pure and free from chemicals. It has permanent shelf life and its aroma gets better with time.