Meditation Oil Premium Kesar Fragrance – 5ml

Meditation Oil Premium Kesar Fragrance – 5ml


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Kesar Pure Aroma Oil

Kesar also called as Saffron or Zafran is found in Central Asia.

Though Kesar being used as a spice, it also has large demand in the aroma industry.

Chitshakti’s Kesar pure aroma oil is extracted from the Kesar flowers grown in the fields of Northern India.

Aroma of Kesar oil is woody and spicy and it gives a feel of warmness when applied or inhaled.

Kesar is enriched with medicinal and relaxing properties helps in uplifting positive thoughts and calming mind and body.

Kesar pure aroma oil being rich, warm and exotic creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Chitshakti’s Kesar aroma oil is free from chemicals and has permanent shelf life and its aroma gets better with time.

Best ways to use Kesar aroma oil is to diffuse it. It can be applied on pulse points, forehead and temples.