Meditation Oil Premium Kewra Fragrance – 5ml

Meditation Oil Premium Kewra Fragrance – 5ml


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Kewra Pure Aroma Oil

Kewra is type of grass found in India and is used by food, fragrance and cosmetic industries.

Kewra aroma oil is extracted from the flowers of kewra which has sweet floral refreshing fragrance.

Aroma of Kewra is fresh and long lasting. Kewra pure oil is known for its soothing and healing aroma.

Kewra aroma oil has amazing properties they uplift your mood while giving you a calming effect.

When used in diffusers or application on pulse points and temples help release anxiety and nervousness.

Chitshakti’s Kewra aroma is chemical free and has permanent shelf life and its aroma gets better with time.