Hanuman – Statue


Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is the son of Kesri and Anjana. He is also known as Rama’s eternal devotee. His body is strong as thunder, his mind is sharp as lightning, his arms can hold a mountain of herbs and a mace, and he can crush malefic demons under his feet. He depicts courage, strength, valour, and the ability to fly and represents the qualities of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.


The Lord Hanuman statue online is a sacred statue for worship. The beautifully crafted murti displays Lord Hanuman in a cross-legged pose, with a compassionate gaze and a gentle smile. A statue is regarded as the physical manifestation of divinity and universal power.


These murtis are created from metal, clay and fibre, and this combination makes the murtis durable and lightweight. The beauty of this Lord Hanuman statue is enhanced by a deep, richly toned bronze patina, which underlines its delicate features. A thin wax layer protects the statue’s surface. The dimension of the statue is 23.7 x 21.3 x 20.3 cm respectively.


The care instructions mentioned below describe how to maintain the natural beauty of this Lord Hanuman murti for years to come.


  • Use a dry cloth to wipe off any dirt that collects on the murti.


  • Handle the murti with care as some parts are quite delicate.


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This beautiful statue is made with great care and detail.
It is made of Clay, Metal and Fiber.
This combination makes it strong yet lightweight.

Packaging Size 23.7 x 21.3 x 20.3 cms
Package Contents: Hanuman Statue

Important Instructions:
Use dry cotton cloth to wipe off the dirt.
Handle with care as some part of Statue are delicate.