Shankh Natural Conch Shell

Shankh Natural Conch Shell


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Shankh Natural Conch Shell

Colour White
Brand – Chitshakti Trust
Theme – Religious
Material – Calcium Carbonate
Finish Type – Natural
Item Weight – vary from 200 grams to 500 grams
Product Care Instructions – Wipe & Clean
Collection Name – White
Seasons – All Seasons

As this is natural and genuine very big size Shankh Conch shell so please ignore small spots and colour variation

It has an uproarious sound.

The uncommon geometry of this sort of characteristic shankha makes a positive vitality field.

The shankhas/conch shells that open towards left hand are Vaamavarti Shankhas.

These are the most generally accessible shankhas and utilized for every single religious reason.

Conch/ Shankh are available in various sizes.
1. A, B, C etc represents the size.
2. As A is the smallest size and its preceeding B, C and so on are larger in size and weights.